Are we heading towards a cashocalypse?

Is it the end of times for physical banknotes and coins?

The answer is a big YES and NO!

Yes, because cashless is the new normal today. As the e-commerce industry booms and the pandemic fear looms, several countries worldwide have embraced digitized payments as the new way to go.

And no, because the era of cash is not catastrophically drawing to a close. Money is just evolving to take a progressive digitized structure in the form of e-money, central bank digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, cards, e-wallets, and much more.

Over the past decade, the…

Are you curious to learn more about the fintech industry?

Are you an aspirant looking for a fintech vocabulary?

Want to know the basics of the fintech lingo?

Then! You’re at the right place.

Fintech is now a trend that is here to stay, and they are constantly innovating and accelerating the financial sector. Their niche approach reimagines the financial processes and services, factoring in the end user’s need. But the fintech lingo can be a bit tricky to master when you are new to the landscape.

So, we have collated the most popular terms in the fintech world that…

The payment industry is constantly growing where every upgrade plays an important role in developing trust among users by protecting their sensitive data. So, every business that is an active participator needs to meet few security standards that act as armour.

One such globally recognized standard is PCI DSS.

The PCI Security Standards Council came up with a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) framework to protect credit and debit card transactions and card holders’ data from breaches. It is a mandate for every merchant and service provider to abide by this protocol for a smooth customer experience.

How was PCI DSS created?

As technological advancements promote growth in our country, lack of financial literacy still prevails. In a recent incident, a farmer has reportedly lost his savings worth two lakhs to rats. He stored his money as cash in his house. The farmer wouldn’t have lost his savings if he was aware of a financial institution. The eradication of financial illiteracy and improving maximum financial inclusion help us overcome such situations.

What is Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion aims to offer primary financial products and services to all individuals and businesses and makes these services more accessible and affordable.

Financial institutions aim to offer basic services that…

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a global payments phenomenon that drives growth and profitability for merchants. With giants like Klarna, AfterPay, Affirm, Zip, Tabby, Cashew, Pine labs, PayPal, Atome, VISA, MasterCard, and several other players leading the way, BNPL records an impressive 36.2% CAGR in revenue, getting ready to reach USD 15470 million by 2026.

Are you raring to go big on the BNPL bandwagon?

Then you must know how to unlock and extract maximum value from this consumer financing revolution.

Now don’t feel lost when you see BNPL take so many forms and shapes in the market today. …

This August, meet our very own AVP- Implementation Specialist, Jayanthi, who is skilled at balancing mom-work life. Jayanthi loves listening to fast-paced Tamil songs and is a secret lyricist. She also shares how she misses M2P’s filter coffee. Read on to know more about Jayanthi and how she brings her best every day.

What happens in your typical workday at M2P?

Being part of the implementation team, I will primarily plan the client requirements and sort out the production issues. Later, I work on resolving them on a priority basis and organize my work calls/emails.

I focus on programs assigned to me by monitoring clients’ processes, rectifying the…

Forex cards — Imternational travel made effortless

Sara usually travels around the globe for her official trips quite frequently, and she enjoys shopping at local shops to bring back memorabilia for colleagues and family. Nairobi was on her frequent travel list, and she loves to shop the local markets for their rich handicrafts. The popular currency formats in Nairobi were either M-Pesa or Nairobi Shillings.

However, carrying local currency is not a good idea, and M-Pesa requires a local account and sim card for starters. At the same time, using international debit or credit cards will attract too many charges.

That’s when Forex Cards came to the…

Did you know?

PPIs in India grew at a 53% CAGR from 41Cr (May 2017) to 226Cr (May 2021). And the potential for future growth is enormous.

New to the PPI world?

Here’s a little introduction for you.

PPIs are prepaid payment instruments that enable digital payments via mobile wallets, prepaid cards and paper vouchers. They are disruptive business enablers with the ability to accelerate the profitability and growth of enterprises worldwide.

But how can you tap into the potential of PPIs?

First, you need to understand the dynamics behind PPIs. The infographic below will help you grasp and analyze…

A few years ago, banking was always considered an arduous task with its complexity. But now, when we think of banking, ‘digital transaction’ springs up to our minds immediately, which makes our job simpler. Thanks to Neo banks, it redefines banking in the most user-friendly way and makes it more popular in recent years. Ergo, many customers now prefer using fingers for banking rather than their feet to visit the brick-and-mortar banks.

Why such hype for Neo banks?

What makes it stand out in the banking sector?

We have unraveled everything you need to know about Neo banks in this…

India has the highest FinTech adoption rate of 87%, significantly higher than the global average rate of 64%.

India is rapidly evolving and is one of the fastest-growing Fintech markets globally and has also emerged as Asia’s biggest destination for Fintech deals, leaving behind China. Advanced technologies and a customer-centric approach are what bring this thriving industry its profound growth in this decade.

Having witnessed this flourishing industry and its achievements, let’s look back on its evolution rather a revolution. So, gear up as this article throws light on how the fintech industry has steadily evolved over the years.

The FinTech Landscape in India


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